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Persons with tax problems may have many different alternatives available to them. The first step is to make an appointment to come and see me to discuss exactly what issues are present in your case. Here are some issues we may discuss:

IRS – Payment Plans – Why???

IRS payment plans are a much better way to deal with the IRS than a lien on hour land or levies against your wages or bank accounts. First, they give you piece of mind – a form of insurance – that you will not be getting surprised by IRS collection tactics. Second, if set up properly, they can allow you to pay back your old tax debt at a rate comfortable for you, and if you want, you’ll have the flexibility to pay more on a monthly basis to pay your taxes more quickly.


Bankruptcy is a legal process where in times of financial trouble with the aid of an attorney you can eliminate most of your unsecured debt. This usually would include credit cards, loans, medical bills and merchant accounts. It may not include child support and back IRS or State tax debt.

How a Loan Modification Can Save Your Home

Loan Modifications are possible, and can help keep your home. If you have recently gone into foreclosure or have major debt issues, then a loan modification might be right for you. Modifying your loan can reduce your overall balance, decrease your interest rate, and help you catch up to help from further damage to your credit.

Offer in Compromise, New Policies, and What it Means

An offer in compromise allows qualifying people to resolve their tax debt for less than the full amount. This agreement can be reached based on the person’s ability to pay, their income level, the amount of other expenses they have, and finally their asset equity. [1]